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How To Get Started With YouTube Marketing – For Non Tech Savvy

This is a series of blog posts on how to get started with YouTube Marketing. I’ve broken down the subject matter into 5 steps.

Welcome To The First Episode:

YouTube is a video-sharing platform that is also one of the biggest search engines – second only to Google. Whether you want to apply free or paid traffic methods, YouTube is a powerful platform to leverage both for beginners and advanced marketers.

In this YouTube Marketing Mini-Series, I want to show you exactly, how you can tap into YouTube marketing from A to Z, even if you haven’t shot a single video in your life.

Overview: You’ll Learn:

  • The Biggest Worry Most Newbies Have When It Comes To YouTube Marketing
  • Why You Should Tap Into YouTube Marketing
  • The Outline For The Upcoming Episodes
  • How To Set Up Your Own YouTube Channel

The Biggest Worry Most Newbies Have When It Comes To YouTube Marketing

The biggest concern most people (especially complete newbies) have when it comes to YouTube marketing, is that they don’t feel confident and comfortable standing in front of the camera.
Well, the good news is that you can tap into YouTube traffic without having to be in the limelight and you’ll discover exactly how by the end of this mini-series.

Why You Should Tap Into YouTube Marketing

Reason 1:

As I said, YouTube is an extremely powerful platform that receives on average over 15 billion visitors per month. It is no surprise that YouTube is the third most popular site worldwide (after Facebook and Google).

Reason 2:

There are many ways you can go about making money on YouTube, such as through product reviews, video ads, launch jacking, branding, and so on. I’ll dive into these strategies in more detail in the upcoming episodes.

Reason 3:

The barrier of entry is extremely low. You can get started with YouTube marketing on a zero-dollar budget. On top of that, you don’t need to be a tech geek to create awesome videos. As you’ll soon find out, any newbie can create videos. (Yes, you don’t even have to be in front of the camera!)

Reason 4:

Once you follow each step that I’m about to share with you to a T and get your videos ranking correctly in the search engines, traffic will pour in on complete autopilot. And from here on, it’s only going to snowball!

The Outline For The Upcoming Episodes

I have broken down this YouTube Marketing mini-series into 4 parts to show you step by step how to get started with YouTube marketing. Let’s briefly break down the content of the next episodes, so you have an overview of what to expect.

Part 1:

In the first part, I want to take you through how to get started with YouTube marketing and do your market research properly. This is not the most exciting topic on Earth; however, it is easily the most important aspect, when it comes to doing any sort of marketing online.

For example, you’ll need to know whether there are products to promote in your chosen niche and also what sort of videos your target audience likes to watch.

Part 2:

In the second part, I’ll show you the different types of videos you can create and what to do if you are camera shy. On top of that, I’ll walk you through some awesome strategies to convert visitors into repeat customers and loyal fans.

Part 3:

This part is all about setting up your videos to be ranked on YouTube and we will also talk about how to monetize your YouTube videos.

Part 4:

In the last part, I want to share with you strategies that can directly affect your conversions, like how to build up your channel presence and also how to rank your YouTube videos on Google.

How To Set Up Your YouTube Channel

First, you need to set up a Google Account, before you’re able to create a YouTube account. So simply set up your own Google account (here https://accounts.google.com/signup) and then head over to YouTube to set up your YouTube account by simply clicking on the ‘Sign in’ button in the top right-hand corner.

Next, you need to click on the little man figure on the top right-hand corner and then hit ‘YouTube Setting’.

On the following screen, click ‘Create a new Channel’.

On the next screen, you’ll be asked to enter a name for your channel and choose a category.

When it comes to building YouTube channels, you can either create one giant channel and upload all your videos on there to boost your channel authority, or you can create multiple Google Accounts and create many different channels so that you don’t keep all your eggs in one basket in case one of your channels gets banned.

This is completely up to you.

Once you have set up your account, there’ll be a pop-up on the right-hand corner to take a tour around your YouTube channel, if you like.

It probably looks a little plain at the moment, but don’t worry. I’ll show you how to beef it up soon in the next episodes and you’ll discover more on how to get started with YouTube marketing!