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How To Grow Your YouTube Channel & Drive More Traffic

Today you’ll discover how you can grow your YouTube channel and simple strategies to drive more visitors to your videos by ranking them on Google. Once you are ranked on Google, you’ll gain even more exposure to your YouTube videos.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How To Grow Your YouTube Channel by Building Your Channel’s Authority And Driving More Traffic
  • Why It Is So Important To Have A Strong Call To Action
  • How To Rank On Google

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel By Building Your Channel’s Authority And Driving More Traffic

A great and easy way to build your channel’s authority and drive more traffic is through YouTube commenting. The idea behind this is to leave quality and relevant comments on other people’s videos that are related to your niche. We don’t want to be viewed as spammy, so make sure your comments are relevant!

This allows you to express your expertise or personal opinion on a certain topic. I would definitely recommend you watch the actual video you want to leave a comment for and then browse through some of the existing comments by other users. If someone posted a question or appears to have misunderstood the content in the video, it is your time to shine!

In doing this you’ll be building your authority and when a user clicks on your YouTube display name, it will lead them straight to your channel. No doubt, this will also allow you to build a massive tribe of loyal fans and subscribers.

I don’t recommend you leave a link to your channel or YouTube videos in your comment (unless it is highly, HIGHLY relevant), because it can come across as spammy.

On top of that, if your comment looks fishy, the author of the video can decline your comment. So remember, if you are going to leave any sort of feedback, it needs to be constructive!

Gain more exposure to your YouTube videos by sharing them on social media platforms.

Another way you can go about driving more traffic to your YouTube video is by sharing it on social platforms. You can also share your video on Q&A sites or forums by embedding your videos in a post. Just remember, wherever you choose to post it, it needs to be relevant!

Why Is It So Important To Have A Strong Call To Action?

As you get more views to your videos, they’ll automatically climb up the ranks. That’s because to rank your videos YouTube takes into account user retention and user engagement stats of your videos. You can view this information from your YouTube Analytics section inside your account.

Make sure you include some Call To Actions in your video to increase user retention and engagement.

That’s why it’s so important to have a strong call to action in order to increase user retention and engagement. Throughout your video, make sure you direct your viewers on exactly what you want them to do.

Ask them to like/share/subscribe to your channel, if they want to be up to date with your latest video. Ask them to leave a comment if they have constructive feedback for you or if they want to share their thoughts on a certain topic.

Also, if you have a link in your description box, make sure you tell them to click it. Another way to sneak in a call to action is to include annotations in your video. Finally, you can also use YouTube Cards to get your viewers to check out your other related videos within your channel.

How To Rank Your YouTube Video On Google

The beauty of ranking YouTube videos on Google is that YouTube is an authority site with high domain authority. This means that Google will see pages from YouTube as trustworthy and hence ranking any YouTube video will be slightly easier than ranking a completely new blog.

So all you need to do is to increase your page authority by sending high-quality related backlinks to your videos. This way you’ll increase the visibility of your video.

If you would like more resources, I highly recommend you check out the Creator Academy. Here you can find training on every aspect of YouTube marketing including how to captivate your audience with your camera and lighting, and also how to measure your success on YouTube.

That’s the end of this YouTube Marketing Mini Series. By now you should have enough knowledge to go out there and set up your channel, create videos, optimize your videos to rank on both YouTube and Google, and also grow your YouTube channel.

So good luck, stay focused and take massive action!

I’ll see you soon.