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How to Get increase Web Traffic Through Guest Posting?

Guest posting, also known as guest blogging is the practice of contributing a write-up or post to someone else’s blog. It is done in order to gain exposure, authority, relationships, and links. Guest posting helps build a relationship with the blogger through outreach and their audience whose website is hosting your post. It enables the author to access the blogger’s audience and increase backlinks to their website.

Guest posting helps build brand awareness with a new set of audiences and helps drive new traffic onto your website or blog. Guest posting is beneficial not just to the writer, but also to the host, whose website is posting the content. It was found in a survey conducted by Social Marketing Writing that 62.96% of the people perceive blogs with multiple authors to be more credible.

Guest posting is also considered to be one of the most efficient inbound marketing strategies. A post with high-quality content not just attracts an audience, but also helps build a brand name and together they aid in increasing the ranking of the website or blog on the Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs), eventually leading to increased credibility. Following may be done to get clients through guest posting:

Reach out to websites in the similar niche

To reach out to a targeted audience, which would actually increase traffic onto your website or blog, you must reach out to websites or perform blogger outreach in a similar niche.

There is no point in wasting time reaching out to other blogs that don’t fit your niche. Be sure that you completely understand the website and the audience that you are writing for. The content that you come up with should add value while fitting into their tone and style.

If you reach out to blogs or websites in a different niche then the chances of you actually growing the traffic onto your own site are pretty thin. The audience may not be interested in reading what you have to offer. It would be a waste of your time and efforts.

Avoid self-promotion

When you get the opportunity to write for a website or blog, other than yours, be sure to use it efficiently and not just to promote your own blog or website. If you come up with a post promoting your products, services, blog, or website, then it is highly unlikely that the host would post it in the first place.

The content that you write should be according to the needs of the host and his audience. You must use the chance given to you to create an impact on the audience and the host himself. This would lead to the audience actually wanting to read more of your content and the host too may give you more opportunities to write for him.

Communicate with the audience

When you guest post on a website or blog, make sure you follow up and not leave the post at that. Communicate with the audience, solve their queries, and reply to their comments and e-mails. You could also take their suggestions into consideration.

When you actively engage with the audience, it gives them a sense of belongingness and they feel valued. This encourages them to participate more often in discussions or even promote your content and regularly visit your website or blog.

Regular communication helps generate new leads and also establishes a lasting relationship with the audience.

High-quality content

The quality of your content would be one of the main factors determining whether the website decides to feature you or not. In order to gain the host’s attention, you will have to come up with the right idea and consider his expectations from your post and also that of the audience, and then write accordingly.

If the content that you write does not appeal to the host then he would probably not even post it. If the content does not appeal to the audience then they would be unwilling to read more of your posts.

Due to the low quality of the content that you write, the host may not be keen to ask you to write for him again. He would rather give the opportunity to someone who would come up with a relatively better quality of content.

Pitch yourself correctly

As necessary is coming up with good content, letting the audience know about you is equally important. The “author’s bio” section is where you write about yourself in brief and convey to the people reading your post about your products and services and/or your blog or website.

Knowing more about you may interest people and they may eventually want to read more of your posts. This would increase the amount of traffic that you get onto your website and would be a subtle though powerful way to promote your website or blog.