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3 Simple Tips To Creating a Highly Effective Video Content Strategy For YouTube Marketing

Welcome back to our YouTube Marketing Mini-Series! Now that you have a very good idea of what niche you want to tap into and who your target audience is, it is now time to turn our attention towards the fun part! In this episode, we are going to focus on creating killer videos to upload them on YouTube.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The Different Types Of Videos You Can Create
  • Video Equipments You’ll Need To Create Videos
  • Features Of Killer Video Content

The Different Types Of Videos You Can Create

In the past episode, we have already done all the groundwork for our videos. So before we can utilize all the information, let’s quickly discuss what sort of videos you can shoot.
For beginners, being in front of a camera is very daunting. You can outsource this task and pay someone to shoot the video for you. However, since this is a real business we’re talking about, nothing gets close to branding yourself. With practice, you’ll overcome your fears and eventually you’ll be a natural on camera.
I recommend you start with shooting a video diary every day. Just shoot them for your benefit, so you can see what aspects you can improve on.

  1. Backdrop Videos – This kind of video utilizes a lot of lighting and you’ll be standing in front of a color block background (e.g. whitewall or large white cardboard). If you have an interest in video editing, you can also use a green screen for this.
  2. Webcam Videos – Generally, these are Google Hangout videos, where you sit in front of the webcam and speak to your audience. These kinds of videos are more personal and do not require special lighting.
  3. Screen Cast Videos – This is a recording of your screen, which allows the viewer to see exactly what you’re doing. This means that you won’t be on camera at all, but your voice can still be heard. An easy way to go about this is to use a PowerPoint presentation and screencast.
  4. White Board/Animated Videos – This kind of video is rapidly gaining popularity in many different niches. They are very engaging and highly effective for delivering a general or broad message. You can either outsource this on websites like fiverr.com or you can create it yourself using special software.

Video Equipments You’ll Need To Create Videos

Keep in mind that the focus of your videos should be high quality and amazing content rather than how professional it looks or how many special effects you can include. So, if you are starting, you don’t necessarily have to invest a fortune in expensive gadgets straight from the get-go.


It doesn’t matter what kind of camera you use as long as it can record HD quality videos. You can even use your webcam or your smartphone to record videos.


I feel that if you are going to invest in one of your pieces of equipment, it would have to be your microphone. Nothing is worse than shooting a video, where there is a lot of fuzzy background noise that drowns out your voice entirely. Generally, the inbuilt microphone in your webcam is not that great and I highly recommend you invest in a desktop microphone. A lavalier is something I recommend, especially if you plan on doing a lot of backdrop videos. These are the little black microphones that people wear around their neck and clip it to their shirts on stage presentations or TV shows. With the lavalier, the microphone is directly connected to the camcorder to deliver a direct feed as you speak with minimal background noise.


  • Microsoft PowerPoint is a very useful software to create presentations and how-to type of videos.
  • Screencast software allows you to capture your screen. The software I use for my videos is Camtasia. However, if you are just starting and are looking for a free alternative, I recommend you check out Jing or http://www.screencast-o-matic.com.
  • When it comes to editing videos, you can use the inbuilt programs that come with Mac and Windows, which are perfectly fine. I like to use Sony Vegas for my editing purposes, but ultimately it’ll boil down to personal preference.

Features Of Killer Video Content

You need to do all your niche, market, keyword, and video research first before you dive head into creating content.

First and foremost, reader engagement is extremely important. That’s because there are so many distractions (such as social media, emails, life, etc.) and if you aren’t able to capture your viewer’s attention during the first 10 seconds, you’ll lose them. So start with a powerful hook or rhetorical question to immediately grab their attention.

Think back to the videos you analyzed as part of your research. How did they grab your attention straight off the hook? Did they include engaging music or maybe they started the video with a funny joke?

As I said earlier, you can outsource your videos on sites like Fiverr.com. The only downside is that you have to script your video before you purchase a gig. The longer you want your video to be, the more you usually have to pay for the service. I highly recommend you check out the Fiverr seller’s profile and their customer’s ratings first to make sure you’ll get a good experience with them.

That’s all for this episode. Stay put for the next one, where I’ll take you through how to optimize your YouTube videos, how to get more views, and also how to make money from your YouTube videos.